Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'll explain it all in time...

There has been a lot going on around here lately...but most of it I can't completely post about yet. (Please don't ask...I'll update when I can!) Let's just say we have been up to our eyeballs in alligators!

UPDATE: I've already gotten one worried phone call in the 15 minutes since I posted. It is all okay. I am not dying or anything. Relax!

It looks like the Irishman will not be able to go on the Western Caribbean cruise we booked for next week due to a fairly serious and extremely stressful mistake paperwork error on our part. I am currently going back and forth between the cruise line and the travel agent. We've been told that we can change one name on the reservation, but now they are giving us the run around regarding HOW to do that. Fun times. At this point our best option would be that my grandmother would come with me on the cruise and my beloved Irishman would spend the week off enjoying his parents' company. Not at all ideal, but it looks like the best we can do.

In other news, it is not a good sign when a doctor gives you a diagnosis and then follows it with, "but promise me not to google it." Errr...more about that later, too. (Remember, not dying!)

Despite it all, life is good though because someone else cooked dinner tonight for me! The Irishman's parents are town through the end of April. I am extremely embarrassed relieved to have dinner waiting for me when I get home and to find my house tidied while we were at work.

(Side note: A booking in the guest room limits my computer posting may be a little more slack. I also still have THREE wonderful awards to write about...but that takes time and I have a stack of papers to grade by Friday that is taunting me. Spring break cannot come soon enough!)


Heather said...

If my doc told me to not Google a diagnosis, that'd be the first thing I'd do! I hope everything works out with the cruise.

MN Mom said...

You have not minimised worry with words like alligators and diagnosis! Get to the telling girl! I will pray for you all incase you need them.

Also taking your grandmother in place of the Irishman might be a blessing...because spending special alone time with your Grandma is most likely not an everyday occurence and I'm sure it will mean more to her than you know. And someday when she is gone you will look back on this wonderful trip you had together. So have fun! The Irishman can entertain his folks without you.