Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Date Night

Saturday night Morgan decided was "date night." Now we are fairly thrifty most the time not extravagant people, but after buying our holiday flights we have really been pinching pennies. Actually, I will amend that. I donated all of our pennies to the Penny Harvest, so we do not even have pennies to pinch!

We had a cheap great night though. We had movie passes, so we went to see the new James Bond movie. It was the Irishman's choice. I have never really been into James Bond, but I do not have anything against the man, so I didn't mind too much. It was a bit complicated, but it was a fun popcorn movie.

We continued onto PF Chang's for dinner. (Thank you to June & Chris for the gift card! We've been saving it.) After about a 30 minute wait we were seated in a booth towards the back of the restaurant.

Now, the last time we went to PF Changs was with the Irishman's (Irish) friend Noel. He is one of Morg's college friends mates from uni. Noel is currently working in Norway and was doing consulting before that. He is well traveled and always fun to have visit.

The Irishman and I will always think of Noel when we go to PF Changs. You see, when we took Noel to PF Changs a few months ago we had a great waitress. She was very attentive and even folded the Mu Shu Pork Pancakes like a pro. I was impressed and felt that her excellent service should be rewarded. We asked for the manager and praised our waitress.

At about this time, Morgan lost the battle to pay the bill. Noel handed over the check to the waitress and we waited for the change.

And we waited for the change.

And we waited for the change.

The Irish are not big on making a scene. Good or bad, they will just go with it. At this point the Irish contingency was giving me a hard time. You see we'd already praised the waitress. She'd then disappeared.

With all the money.

We sat there looking at each other and each suggesting that the other was the best person to speak up and resolve the situation. At last our waitress appeared and (embarrassed that we were still sitting there) said, "Oh! Did you need change?"

And Noel, not wanting to make a scene, said no.

The tip was almost as much as the bill.

Morgan still gives him a hard time about it.

So imagine our her shock when we get the same waitress on our cheap date night Saturday. We left a nice enough tip, but we're no Noel!

Let's just say we didn't linger after paying the bill this time!

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