Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brow Blues

My eyebrows in their natural state are enough for three people. If I was not so cheap thrifty I could easily go every week or two to get them waxed. Instead I pluck daily when I remember to and get my eyebrows waxed when they get so bad that I can't take it anymore.

In the last 10 years or so I have had a few good women work on my eyebrows. The ones I could trust. The ones who made sure all was okay.

Lately, not so much.

I twice went to the nail salon next to the grocery store. The second time I went I recognized too late the, "Gee you have a lot of eyebrows" and suddenly went pale. This was the woman who made my eyebrows so uneven I swore I would not go back...but it had been a stressful week and I'd forgotten. I was stuck!

I thought I'd found a keeper this summer. Morgan bought be a gift card to a local day spa. I loved the lady who gave me a facial and made an appointment to go back...only to find her replacement was not nearly as talented.

They all start out confident. They tell me I have very thick brows. Often they scold me because they are not well kept or they are uneven.

Then come the excuses.
"Your hair is so thick that one hair makes the whole thing uneven."
"The person you went to before made a mistake."
"These little hairs are too small, I can't get them."
"Wow! Your face gets REALLY red."

I could go on...the last three times they have given up. They bring out the mirror to show me. You can almost see the "please don't look too close" look on their faces. I have had to ask them to make them even. More than once. To several different people. At several different salons.

So I had today off because of Veteran's Day. I was across town and decided to try a repeat eyebrow wax at a salon I've had luck with in the past. I do not look like I've been beaten. They are a little thin, but at least they seem to be even.

I think I may have lowered my standards.

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