Thursday, November 13, 2008

He's Back!

When Morgan and I first started dating he lived across the pond. On my first visit to see him in Ireland, I brought with me 6 VHS tapes full of his favorite shows. We were often at least half a season ahead of Irish TV, so they loved a sneak peak.

(That may be one way I won over my in-laws. Even better than that, there was only one TV in the house that had been programed to show American tapes, so they all crammed into bunk beds for West Wing and ER marathons.)

As I'd posted before, ER is special to us. We celebrate "ER Day" as our first date. We watched the episode where Dr. Greene died the night we decided to "give things a go."

So it seems a little odd so many years later to watch Dr. Greene return to ER. I know it is a flashback episode, but it is still not something I saw coming!

We usually record ER and watch it the next day, but this is too good to pass up.

At least tomorrow is Friday!


Beachy Mimi said...

Hi! Congratulations. You won 2 giftcards at Beachy Mimi. Please contact me!

Rachel said...

It was fun to see Dr. Green, but I think my favorite was seeing Romano. So, I guess he last his arm after Dr. Green died? You'll have to use your expansive ER knowledge to educate me :)

Rachel said...

lost, not last. Whoops!