Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Call Him Fred...Grandpa Fred

After record high temperatures on Saturday, we woke up Sunday morning to find a refreshing cold front had come through. Rafa and Moses were in heaven as I opened the windows as we get ready for Church.

As I was putting on my makeup, the Irishman came in with a "How do I look?" I was giving him my utmost attention a bit distracted, so I supportingly said muttered something to the effect of, "You look great." As the words come out of my mouth I realized there was something a little off about his outfit.

Which I suppose would explain the shocked look on his face as I amended my original comment.

"The jacket looks a little grandpa-ish."

That one stopped him in in tracks.

I believe it was a look of shock.

Now, he was wearing a navy blue Adidas Munster jacket.He refers to it as the official jacket of Santa Claus. (The Munster logo has the deer)

The jacket itself does not say old man, but there was something about it that just wasn't right.

After CCD, one of our students stayed behind to clean the chalkboard. The Irishman took the opportunity to ask this poor kid about his jacket. It was a very polite but non-committal answer.

Morgan decided that my cousin Colleen would be the final judge. She is always dressed well and would be the perfect neutral party.

Right after Sunday brunch at GB & GB's, we asked Colleen for her thoughts on the jacket.

Her first response was that it looked a bit like something from the Sopranos.

Then after closer inspection she decided that there was something about it that reminded her of Mr. Roger's cardigans.

Now Mr. Rogers is an icon, but it apparently did not travel across the pond. The Irishman pulled his phone out of his pocket and did a google search for Mr. Rogers. Thanks to YouTube he could see for himself within minutes.

He was not impressed.

For the record, I did ask if i could post a picture of him in the aforementioned jacket. I tried bribery, but even that failed.

You will just have to use your imagination...and YouTube.

Won't you be my neighbor?

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