Sunday, November 23, 2008

Words to Live For

The Irishman and I have taught 8th/9th grade confirmation classes for the last three years. We find it challenging at times, but we feel like it is something we have been called to do. When we signed up, we were hoping for an elementary class. Teaching CCD for a sacramental class is a bit more pressure!

Every time we start to think that maybe we will take next year off, something happens to change our mind. Last week one of our kids insisted on staying after to help us clean up. It is the Holy Spirit acting through the little things that keeps us going.

Today after our confirmation class, I overheard one of our ninth grade students tell another that she is grateful to be in our class. We were mixed with the other class and things were a little hectic.

When she realized that I'd heard what she said, I told her that we were thankful for our class as well. (As the other half of the room was throwing things and hitting each other.)

The student went on to say that her mother said she could see God in me. Now, that was from a quick introduction at meet the teacher day, but I was really touched. I think that is just about the best compliment I could ever hope to get.

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Julie Elizabeth said...

That after a hard week? Shows you how blessed you are :)

I love you, sis!