Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Two-Cart Family

Sunday we ventured out to Publix before Mass for our weekly shopping trip. I wanted to try Sean with the shopping cart cover, but Caitlin was already talking about “green car” before we left the house. As a result we were a two-cart family.


Thankfully the store was quiet so no one was bothered by the fact that we blocked the aisle to take pictures of our kids in the middle of the cracker aisle.


For a while we didn’t dare take Caitlin into a store, but she has decided the cart isn’t a bad place to be – especially at Publix when she can drive the “green car” around the store.


Sean was just happy that I traded in the pink seat cover for something a little more manly!


Caitlin loves to help unload the cart.






In a funny way it was actually a fun trip to the store! That doesn’t happen much with two kids in tow!

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Michelle said...

Hope it was as much fun as it looks! Grocery shopping is always a shot in the dark for us; sometimes Ava does great other times we end up desperately rushing through it. Rob and I were just talking this week about how it is probably not goin to be a family affair once this new little one comes. I just can't imagine doing it with two. You are much braver than me!