Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Chillin’

I’d planned to post some pictures of Sean in his Irish hurling gear today, but there are too many good ones to try to go through on a Friday morning. I love how relaxed Caitlin is in this picture. A typical weekend kind of feeling. Just chilling out around the house!


I got my hair cut last night. Nothing fancy, but I hadn’t had a cut since October and it was WAY past due. The Irishman had to pick up both kids from day care and started dinner solo….not an easy task! As I walked in the door, Caitlin shouted out to me, “Mommy! Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!” The best part of all was that from where she was sitting she couldn’t even see me yet. It was a slight hiccup in Daddy’s plan, but I appreciated it none the less!

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