Monday, March 12, 2012

Sick Day(s)

I have a confession. This morning I woke up trying to decide on an illness I could come down with that would make me sick enough to stay home from work, but well enough to be able to work from home and tackle the many, many things on my to do list.

Thirty minutes later Caitlin woke up with a cough. The Irishman and I debated whether or not to send her to school. She had just the slightest of fever – not really enough to even count. In the end we decided I would stay home.

By ten o’clock I’d accomplished a number of things on my list. The cats’ litter box was changed. The spice cabinet was reorganized. The Irishman’s birthday cake was in the oven. I was on load #4 of laundry. Caitlin was playing happily in the living room.


She was having a tea party. Each guest had a pillow and a bowl of crackers. By this point I was feeling a little guilty about staying home. Caitlin seemed fine, so I decided to make the most of it and enjoy it.

Out of the blue the painters we’d been trying to contact called to say that they were on the way to pressure wash the exterior of the house. The HOA is threatening fines if we don’t paint the house and pressure wash the fence ASAP, so that was important. It was a blessing that I was home to work out the details with them.

Caitlin was not impressed with the whole process. I’d warned her that they would “be loud” outside. She would not let me out of arm’s reach the whole time they were working outside. As a distraction we were alternating between Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and “Horse.” (The Irishman introduced our little girl to Mr. Ed over the weekend. She loves it!)

The Irishman brought home a Happy Meal and such as a special treat on his lunch break. It was a quick stop home, but we all enjoyed it!

After the pressure washer left Caitlin and I headed upstairs for a nap. The only way you can convince her to nap at home these days is on the go in the car or when “Everybody takes a nap.” I liked the idea of an afternoon snooze, so we got settled in for a nap.

The phone rang three or four times while she was sleeping and Caitlin didn’t wake. I didn't want to get her up before she was ready so I called the Irishman and had him pick Sean up from day care. When Caitlin got up at 5:30 she immediately asked me to hold her.

It took all of two seconds to see she didn’t feel well. After being fine all day her fever was at 103.3. Thankfully the chewable Tylenol and a bath made a difference, but it looks like the Irishman will be staying home with her tomorrow. We’ve moved Sean back into the cot in our room to avoid his sister’s germs.

I’m praying this bug goes away quickly without spreading! The Irishman and I both have very busy weeks planned at work and St. Patrick’s Day family fun planned this weekend. I guess it is time to get out the disinfectant spray!

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Michelle said...

It sounds like a lovely day, before 5:30 that is. I hope Caitlin is feeling better!