Thursday, March 8, 2012

Four Cousins on a Couch

Friday night we were on our way home from work when my grandmother called. It was 5:30 and she rang to say that she had extra lasagna if we wanted to stop by for dinner. My cousin and his family were in town from the other coast and we wanted to see them. We also hadn’t decided what to cook yet, so it was a win-win!




Caitlin already LOVES going to GGB’s house, but she was thrilled to have her cousins there to play with as well. She has been talking about them for days!


Update on Sean’s ears: The ENT said that the ear infection has cleared up, but there is still some fluid in the ears. We are going to keep with the allergy medicine and reassess in a month or so. That is about as much as we could hope for right now!

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