Monday, March 26, 2012

Daisy, Daisy

The first thing we saw when we walked into the Magic Kingdom was Daisy Duck. (Okay, so Pluto was standing there, too. Caitlin wasn’t as interested in him though!) It didn’t matter that there was a huge line – Caitlin wanted a “big hug” from Daisy.


I honestly didn’t expect her to stand in line. I thought she would lose interest after a while and move on, but I was wrong. She was SO excited about getting a "big hug" from the duck! We had to watch that she didn’t sneak ahead in line.


(The Irishman took this video on his phone)

She LOVED every minute of it!


None of us expected Daisy to be such a favorite.


Sean met the duck as well,


but he was more impressed with my necklace than with Daisy.

After a long afternoon Caitlin fell asleep in the stroller. When she woke up Grammy surprised her with a Daisy Duck of her own.


She carried her new best friend with her day and night for the whole trip!

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Michelle said...

So sweet! Daisy is one of Ava's favorites these days... I think it's because she wears purple.