Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I don’t do a great job of taking care of myself. When it comes to the kids I am on top of things. Their appointments are scheduled in a timely manner. Me? Not so much.

I can’t remember the last time I went to the eye doctor. They seem to think it was 2009, though I really think I’ve been once since then. I am guilty of wearing my contacts longer than I should. I never sleep in them, but I often go a lot longer than two weeks before changing to a new pair. I’ve worn contacts since I was 12 years old. I don’t remember when I started my bad habits, but it has been a while.

Well, it has caught up with me. I have three corneal ulcers in my right eye. I have to use eye drops every two hours for the next couple of days. I can’t wear contacts for at least three weeks.

My eye has been red for the last week or so. I’d stopped wearing my contacts for a few days and it seemed to clear up a bit. I’d looked into scheduling an appointment for an eye exam, but I couldn’t find the time. I’d convinced myself it was just a lack of sleep. I was wrong.

I’m lucky I didn’t wait any longer to get it checked out. There will likely be scarring. It will be okay, but it is pretty serious. I felt like a child getting my hand slapped at the appointment today. The last pair of glasses was purchased at least 6 years and two or three prescriptions ago so I broke down and bought a new pair. It looks like I will be wearing them a lot more. I am also going to get to know my eye doctor a bit better. I’ll be a regular customer for the next couple of weeks.

I guess that also means I need to find time to go to the dentist. It is probably time to find a new doctor, too. I haven’t been to anyone but my OB in three, maybe four years. I was impressed with myself for finally getting my hair cut last week. It looks like I might need to be a little pickier.

I really didn’t need anything else to feel guilty about right now. Anyone care to make me feel better? Anything you will admit to being behind on?


the worstest mommy said...

I am the exact same way. Each of my kids have appointments a mile long, but I'll let myself go for years without one! I have also gotten corneal ulcers from wearing my contacts too long and just about the time I was about to break down and make that eye appointment we found out that my husband's company switched insurance and they didn't cover the office I usually went to. So, that appointment, and all the other ones for myself went on the backburner. Don't feel bad...I think most moms are the same way!

sheri said...

Right there with ya, friend. I've never missed anything for the kids and I'm the mom who schedules an appointment at the first hack or sneeze but scrounges through the medicine cabinet for antibiotics that expired 2 years ago rather than make an appointment for myself. My jeans are all a good ~7 years old and I frequently refer to tshirts purchased in college as "nice," college having ended 11 years ago. We're all guilty! Hope your eyes clear up soon.

Michelle said...

It really is just part of being a mother. I have not had a hair cut since October or maybe even September. I stopped wearing contacts because I just couldn't bring myself to buy more, so instead I wear glasses with a couple or scratches on the lenses. The only reason I've seen a doctor other than an OB in the last three yrs is because this summer I had to go to the ER after letting myself get way too run down. And I won't even talk about my clothes... You're a great mother! I hope your eye heals quickly and better than the dr has forecasted. Thinking about you.