Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Blue Star By Any Other Name

Saturday we went to our parish carnival. Last year (before we officially changed churches) we caught just the last hour or so of the annual event and had a great time. The nun who organizes it has been reminding us about the carnival and the new rides for the kids for months. As it turns out Caitlin was too little for the giant slide and too scared to ride the kids-only choo-choo train.

Even though the rides didn’t work out, we enjoyed homemade Filipino food (YUM!), pizza (for Caitlin), popcorn, baked goods, and more. There was music and dancing. The ushers from the 9:00 Mass came over to fuss over our kids some more. The weather was beautiful so we were there for a couple of hours enjoying it all.


On our way out we saw that the face painter had arrived. Caitlin decided she wanted another blue star. This woman was a professional. The kid in front of us got a dragon on his arm with more detail on it than an impressionist painting. When he asked her to add something to it, she joked with him, “Who is the artist here?”

We waited out turn and Caitlin asked for a blue star. The woman gave an odd look and I explained that the only other time Caitlin had had her face painted she got a blue star. The “artist” announced that she was going to give her a rose garden.


Thankfully the finished result was deemed “BEAUTIFUL!” I was afraid a certain little girl was going to be upset over the distinct lack of a blue star.


(Caitlin really needs her bangs trimmed. I am considering trimming them myself, but I keep chickening out.)



It seems a blue star by any other name…

is a rose garden!


Michelle said...

It is a very beautiful rose garden! Caitlin's hair looks beautiful, but I bet you could very easily trim it if you had something to keep her attention for a few minutes. And Sean looks a lot like Caitlin in the first picture!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I like the rose garden! :)