Friday, October 21, 2011

Sean’s First (and Second) Swim

While we were on vacation last week, Sean took his first swim. Even though it was really hot out, the water was a bit chilly.


I left out the less-than-flattering pictures of me with a screaming Sean. He calmed down once I took him out of the float, but he still wasn’t thrilled!


(Though Caitlin loved it!)


Most of the week Sean watched the fun from his bouncy chair in the shade. Not a bad life!


On Friday the pool was much warmer. Caitlin was napping so we decided to try again. He LOVED it!



He was still smiling when I took him out…


…though all that swimming will wear you out!



It has been a very busy couple of days. Between an ant issue in the kitchen, a case of the Irish man-flu, and a crazy to do list that is still not anywhere near completed I haven’t had a chance to sit down at the computer. (Thank goodness for mobile devices for times when I am nursing, but I can’t blog from there!) I got this post started today during nap time. I’d decided to try to post pictures of Caitlin first to keep things fair/even instead, but now Sean is fussing so I guess that is all I have time for tonight. I'm hoping for a restful weekend!

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