Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rub Your Tummy

Despite our best efforts, we got a late start when we left for Sanibel. We rented a mini van (more on that later) and drove across the state to the Sunshine Island Inn. It had come highly recommended and it did not disappointed. It was not overly fancy – a bit “old Florida.” It was perfect for what we wanted!

The first night we looked around, cooked dinner, and spent some time hanging out in our home away from home for the week.

I am not a fan of window AC units, but Caitlin loved it. She would stand in front of the AC and let her hair blow in the wind before running off like she was blowing away. She’s too funny.



We knew the room had a CD player so we’d planned to bring some of Caitlin’s favorite CDs. Unfortunately we’d misplaced or forgotten all but two, so it was Old School Sesame Street on repeat. One of Caitlin’s favorite songs on the album is this one:

(Though the version we have is not Ernie and Bert, but that was the best I could find!)

I learned really quickly what happens when you try to take pictures during the song…


Rub your tummy, Pat your Head..


(side note, the you can tell the difference in the cameras I used to take the photos)



Sean was a good sport about it!



She loves to sing and dance!

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