Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sean’s Christening

Our baby boy was baptized on Sunday. We recently switched parishes, so it was a different church from where Caitlin was baptized. The new parish does not have as many young families, but they have made us feel very welcome. While Caitlin was one of 16 babies baptized at one time by the deacon, Sean was the only one Father Theo baptized on Sunday.


It really was a lovely ceremony. Sean slept almost the entire time. The baptism garment he wore was made by my grandmother’s aunt. Grandma Betty thinks it has been worn 16 times. (I was too big when I was baptized to wear it, so I am not one of the 16) It is a lovely family heirloom.


Before we left for the church, I’d packed a diaper bag with clothes to change Sean into afterwards. I’d included the pumpkin bib, but a certain little girl found it first. She insisted on wearing it all day long. She also insisted that Elmo and a reindeer that plays Jingle Bells come into the church with us. I knew then what we were in for!


She did very well when we were sitting in the pew, but once we all stood up and the focus was on Sean sibling rivalry took over. She wanted to bless herself in the Holy Water so we let her do that. She properly dipped her fingers in the water and made the sign of the cross. The priest and the family were impressed and praised her for doing this. Then she wanted to do it again. And again. And again. By this point she threw a small fit.


Thankfully Aunt Emily, Colleen, and Stephanie were there to fuss over Caitlin and keep her entertained while we took pictures. Sean’s godparents (Christina and Robert) were unable to make it for the baptism, so Nana and Granda stood in. We took pictures afterwards with them and my grandparents.


Caitlin came by after a while to see what we were up to and we managed to catch her in a quick photo.


It was a lovely day to welcome Sean to the Catholic Church!

Every precious gift comes from above.
James 1:17


Agate Lake Girl said...

Congrats to Sean on his baptism. I'm already thinking ahead to our little one's baptism this summer.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful blessing and a beautiful family of four!