Thursday, October 27, 2011

I’m out of beach related titles…

I guess it is no surprise if you know us that we love the beach. I'm not even going to guess how many times I've used "Life's a Beach." I’m still going through pictures from our Sanibel trip so I'll have to work on a few more titles.


We remembered visiting this particular beach on our previous trip to the island and have talked about it…as in, “Wouldn’t it be great to take Caitlin to the lighthouse beach?”


We spent hours here over the week we were on vacation. These pictures were from our final full day. It was also the day the iPhone 4s came out. We’d unsuccessfully (more on that later!) lined up at a Sprint store before they opened, so Nana decided to stay at the hotel and nap while the rest of us headed to the beach.


I swear each day we went was better than the day before. The weather was perfect. The beach wasn’t too crowded. It was lovely!





I also discovered on this trip that I have minivan envy. We had to rent a car big enough to fit four adults and two car seats. I have always been against SUVs and big vehicles. I have no problem with my car…except that now we cannot fit anyone but our family of four in the car. This is problematic when you have company as often as we do. It stinks to have to take two cars every where we go!

We are not buying a new car anytime soon, but gee it would be nice!


Michelle said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. The beach looks amazing!

Leslie said...

Join me as a mini-van mom! It's great!!