Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flamingo Gardens: Playground

On the way into Flamingo Gardens I saw the playground and decided we would be sure to stop there on the way out. Unfortunately the rainstorm we had made a bit of a mess. We decided to ignore the “do not use when wet” sign and let Caitlin play anyway.


She was drenched, but she didn’t care!



At one point I was standing next her at the top of the slide when she started yelling, “GO AWAY!” I was really a bit bothered that she was being so stubborn…until I turned around and saw who she was REALLY talking to!


She was NOT a fan of the peacocks.


Thankfully I had a change of clothes and a pack of baby wipes ready.


Getting messy while having fun in the mud? Totally worth it!

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Michelle said...

It looks like she had tons of fun. Well worth the needed extra clothes and wipes.