Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Celebration

After Sean’s Christening we all headed back to my grandparents’ house for a family dinner. In an ideal world I’d have cooked and baked, but we had been in town for less than 24 hours, so we picked up Costco chickens and sides from Boston Market instead. The Irishman, his parents, and my grandmother made the take out meal look pretty! I did not get a picture of that, but here is the enchanting spot my grandmother set up for desserts. Between the cake and a homemade sherry trifle everyone left on a sugar high!


My godparents (my Aunt Emily and Uncle Terry) came to join the celebration. We had a delightful time visiting with some of my favorite aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Of course Sean was passed around…


Caitlin followed around my cousin Stephanie every where she went. We’ve nicknamed her the baby whisperer for how Caitlin and Aiden seek her out! Caitlin was all over the place. She ran around. She colored. She ate ice by the cupful. She sang. She ate cake. She danced. She kicked the ball. She threw the ball. We were exhausted just looking at her!


This picture is actually from the church, but it was too much fun not to share. Grandpa Boo fell when they were on vacation this summer and has just graduated from the wheel chair to a cane. Uncle Lee was hiking with my dad and Uncle Mike a couple of weeks ago when he hurt his ankle so he too had a cane. They decided to ham it up for a photo op…


We hate that the Irish family is so far away and can’t join us for these types of things but we were lucky to have Nana and Granda here to join our little family of four.


It was a lovely family celebration!

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Michelle said...

Your uncle looks a lot like your dad, at least what i remember of your dad. Caitlin's dress is breautiful! It looks like a great family get-together!