Saturday, October 18, 2008

Odds & Ends

First, I will confess to spending too much time online this weekend. Morgan is coaching a soccer team and was at training Saturday morning. I did some laundry, put the wet clothes out on the clothesline, made yogurt, and sat at the computer. Okay so a lot of sitting at the computer!

I am loving Google Reader. I don't think I will admit to how many blogs I have subscribed to. I'll give you a hint though. I taught rounding this let's just say the number would round up to 100. No, I won't make you sing the rounding song to figure that can take my word for it!

I did finally get up the nerve to change the background on my blog. I was blog-hopping and found a site that sounded okay. They have some cute Halloween designs. Head over to Simply Chic Blog Backgrounds and check it out!

I actually won a give away a few weeks ago. The Crunchy Domestic Goddess was giving away a pack of SKOY cloths. They are like sponges but not. We have one started in the kitchen and so far like it. It will eventually end up in my compost bin.

Speaking of which, I did start the compost bin. I think I am going to make it a big worm bin though. I am nervous about the bugs. (I already have flies!) And the smell. (It isn't quite roses!) The Can-O-Worms in my classroom is orderless and the flies stay away if I keep things buried. It is in the shade so I think a pound or two of worms should do the trick! (That is yet another thing I researched this morning on the computer...)

My tub of lettuce has done well this time. (Last time I lost in a battle against the bugs!) I picked some leaves to make a salad with dinner. I added some of the giant CSA cucumber, yum! It was a nice addition to the grilled chicken and corn. The Irishman did a nice job!

So now the rest of my to do list for the weekend looks something like this:

* Teach CCD
* Mass
* Grocery shopping
* Order worms
* Visit Pumpkin Patch
* Start Christmas shopping
* Beach
* Finish lesson plans
* Get mail ready for post office Monday

We'll see how it goes!


Basham said...

I have to tell you..I love the penny harvest idea! I that Today Show special and told a client in Austin about it. Her school had lots of success and was primarily east side students and ESL. The kids really benefited! Great idea!!

Shannon said...

Like the new look. I've checked out some of those sites before, but in the end I'm always too attached to my current look. Maybe one of these days...