Friday, October 10, 2008

The Irishman's Disguises

The Irishman loves Halloween. He doesn't always claim to like it, and it does not come close to Christmas in his book. Regardless, the costume debate comes this time each year.

His first year in the states he was an ER doc. Complete with County General Scrubs. (Side note the scrubs have since become PJs. They are much loved!)

The next year he was Darth Vader. We bought the mask the Thanksgiving before during a trip to Houston. He was SO excited he wore it home in the car. I was driving next to Darth Vader.

(I'll stop here so you can picture it)

This was bad enough, but then we stopped at Sonic.

With Darth Vader in the car.

The Car Hop didn't even react. Yep, this is my life.


The next year we ordered masks. Morgan is taller than me so he got to be Chewbacca and I was Yoda. We were a hit of the school Halloween carnival.


Last year I'd just had knee surgery. I was walking around with a cane. Halloween was my first day back at school so I went with a seasonal t-shirt. The Irishman had me going around town with him looking for a costume - cane and all. He wanted to be Superman, but was too cheap to pay for it couldn't find a costume he liked.

Here was the homemade version using the top from the PJs I'd given him the Christmas before:


So, now the debate has started. The Irishman is not sure what to do.


Indiana Jones using the whip that plays sounds from the movie complete with leather jacket, khakis and everything...



Santa Claus using the authentic 5 Euro costume we picked up on clearance at Tesco last year.

The Irishman requests your help! Please vote!


Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

Here via McMommy's POW...I vote for Indiana Jones! Save Santa for Christmastime!

Michelle said...

I also vote for Inidana Jones. By the way, very cute Superman costume! Ingenius. :)

The Coble's said...

You guys look like you have a lot of fun together. I like Superman.

Shannon said...

Indiana all the way!

rosebug1979 said...

I like the Indiana Jones!