Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We’re Still Here

I heard from a couple of people today who guessed that a lack of a blog post this morning was not a good sign.

We went to bed last night having decided that Caitlin needed to stay home another day and that the Irishman was still recovering but would be okay with her by himself for the day.

Then I went to get Sean for his dream feed.

The poor little guy got sick again. It was all over his crib – and just to prove his point – all over me…again.

The Irishman wasn’t 100% yet and he would have been outnumbered so I stayed home again today.


About two minutes before this Caitlin looked at her father and said, “I sleepy.”


He told her to just close her eyes so she did.


It was a long and much needed nap.


She’d been resisting the idea of a nap so I set up a “special Caitlin bed” on the couch with all her “friends.”



Every time she moved I was sure she was going to wake up.


A couple of times I think she opened one eye and gave me a look before rolling back over and going back to sleep.


She’d been acting fine all day, but a nap like this reminds you that she wasn’t feeling great.

These pictures are actually from Monday. Today she had cabin fever. We painted. We played outside. We painted in the bath. We used magic paint bags. We watered the plants. We watched YouTube videos. We read books. Thank goodness the Irishman felt a bit better this afternoon and was able to help a little. It was a full day!

It would appear now that everyone is on the mend, but my current plan is not to make a plan for tomorrow. I certainly won’t put my biggest fear in writing. Let’s just say I have changed all the sheets (again) and have almost finished a bottle of disinfectant spray!

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