Friday, April 20, 2012

Scootin’ and Soarin’

Grandpa Eric and Sandra sent the kids this toy for Easter. It is just slightly too small for Caitlin, but Sean LOVES it!


Speaking of our little guy…guess who is mobile? The kid can cross a room in no time flat. He still crawls with his tummy on the ground, but he is using his arms and legs so it is a matter of time before he moves from scooting and is soaring…heaven help us!



The Irishman took a little video last night of Sean with the plane. Yes, that is a baby pool we are in. Yes, it is in the middle of my living room. My aunt found a whole bunch of them on clearance and sent us home with one at Easter. A certain little two-year-old insisted we set it up last week. She was feverish at the time so we didn’t want to go outside to swim, so the living room was the next best thing.

As luck would have it, the pool is also working as a supervised playpen of sorts for our little guy until we can get the baby play pen (AKA baby jail) out from the storage closet. (The ring of pillows around him no longer cuts it!) Until then we will be flying a plane in a baby pool in the living room. Just a typical day…


To my friends with blogs...

Our computer won't let me visit your blogs to comment. I wanted to comment on Ava's birthday picks and to ask Shannon if it was Dr. C who made the comment about her baby. I wanted to tell Krystyn her baby is beautiful and Elaine that baby K is looking so big! There are many more, but the computer freezes when I visit a blog. Thankfully Google Reader works so I can read what you post, I just can't comment on it!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Sorry, I'm just catching up on your posts for the week. It was Dr. C who made the comment. :)

So sorry you guys have all been plagued with this awful flu bug. It has managed to pass us by, but I keep thinking it will get us eventually. Hope you all feel better soon!