Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eight Months


Our little guy was eight months old last week. He is such a joy!


We don't go back to the doctor for a weigh in for another few weeks, but there is nothing small about this boy! He is wearing mostly 18 month clothes.


Sean is still the sweetest little guy you'll ever meet. He can smile and flirt like the best of them!


This month he has finally decided that he likes to eat more than just Mommy milk. He favorite remains banana yogurt. He tolerates other baby food, but not peas. I've taught him well! He prefers finger food to baby food and he has almost reached the point where half of the cheerios make it to his mouth and not the floor.

Sean has to be the slowest teether I've ever met! He had just one tooth for weeks. We could see the other one, but it took its sweet time coming up. He has two more on the way, but the doctor said she predicts that they too are a couple weeks away. Bless his little heart!


He has a lovely little laugh, and he loves when Caitlin makes him laugh. The sound of the two of them giggling together is one of the most precious things on earth.


By next month I expect to be posting about crawling and standing. He is getting so close on both accounts. While we were a little worried at 6 months he is now flying past those milestones. He waved good bye to DaDa the other morning when the Irishman left for work.


We love our Seanie!

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