Monday, April 2, 2012

All-Star Swim

I posted yesterday about the hotel, so today I’ll add the pool. I’d tried to schedule posts this weekend, but Caitlin caught me going through the photos and insisted on sitting on my lap watching the video clips. All was going well until she hopped down and ran to the door. “Come on, Mommy. Get in the car. See Mickey.” She was completely serious. We did it once, why not now?

I can’t wait for her photo book to get here. I just hope that doesn’t lead to any more “See Mickey” moments!


The big pool’s center feature was under construction. The baby pool was nicer than the pool at the Music resort. Our local pool doesn’t have a baby pool so this is a novelty for us. Caitlin started out playing away but then decided she needed her puddle jumpers.


Sean loves to splash. Even more than that he loves to splash his sister. He is getting this little brother thing down to an art!






We only had time for one swim on this trip before heading back home. A good time was had by all though!

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