Monday, April 16, 2012

Julie and the Horsies

Caitlin is still talking about the carousel at Disney. The week and a half before Easter she would ask daily to go ride the horsies. I’d told her that we would go to the carousel when Aunt Julie came. Caitlin was thrilled to see her Aunt Julie…and to ride the horsies!

Julie’s first day was a teacher work day for me so I made arrangements to drop off Sean at day care and to go into work late. Julie and Caitlin were going to spend some time at my grandparents’ house that morning, but first we had to see the horsies.

We got to the park and found the playground was closed. I didn’t mind that too much until we saw the carousel was also closed. Panic. By this point Caitlin was screaming for the horsies. She could see them and thought this is some sort of torture technique whereby we make her stare at the carousel without getting out of the car.

I called the Irishman we were tried to think of the nearest back up carousel. I didn’t have time to go there, but I had promised horsies and needed to follow through. I kept looking at the clock. Time was flying by.

Then it happened.

The carousel? It opened at 10am. We’d been too early.

I said some prayers of thanks while Caitlin and Aunt Julie headed off to ride the horsies.




Most of the time she sat in her chair, but there was one go round that she decided to try a horsie. It didn’t last long!






Thank you Aunt Julie for a great time!

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