Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Epcot Character Spot

One of the main reasons for going to Epcot was the Character Spot. After seeing Daisy at Magic Kingdom, we knew that would be what Caitlin wanted to do most. We waited in line for a while before she saw what we were actually waiting in line for – you should have seen her face when she did! We had to hold her back to keep her from running into someone else’s picture.

Sean fell asleep. He was happy and content in the baby carrier, though it doesn’t look the most comfortable!



This was pre-haircut, but I told Caitlin that Mickey wanted her to put the flower clip in her hair. It worked. She kept it in the whole time!



Caitlin LOVED the fact that the characters were all in one place. By the time we got to the family picture she was already looking away to see who she got to meet next.



After Pluto she actually said, “Next!”



She got her “big hug” from each of them.



The Irishman took video of Caitlin walking up to each of the characters. He is working on putting it all together with pictures for Caitlin. I’m sure she’ll love it! The characters were by far her favorite part of the trip!

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