Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Easter Bunny

I had no intention of taking the kids to see the Easter Bunny this year. I’m just not a big Easter Bunny kinda girl. Caitlin didn’t even know who the Easter Bunny was until last weekend. We were shopping and she asked for Barney crayons. Without thinking I told her maybe the Easter Bunny would bring them to her. She repeated back to me over and over, “Bunny Rabbit bring Barney crayons?” Then it shifted to “Bunny Rabbit get eggs?”

When I picked the kids up from school on Wednesday I passed the Easter Bunny in the parking lot. It seems he visited them there. They sang songs, played games, and came home with a small basket with three chocolate filled eggs. Caitlin was in love. She wanted to go to school at bedtime that night to see the Bunny Rabbit. The only thing that got us out of it was a stuffed rabbit I found to join her other “friends” in the bed.

Friday was rainy and gross. As soon as we left the Stations of the Cross it started to pour. We’d planned to go to a park or to the pool, but that wasn’t going to work. Instead we went to the indoor playground and then the mall to see Caitlin’s new rodent friend.


(There was free face painting at the play place, so she has a pink star look going on!)


I love the fact that Caitlin is not at all alarmed by the giant rabbit, but the fact that her brother is touching her leg causes a fuss. Silly girl!




This morning the mall is hosting “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny” at California Pizza kitchen. It is $20 a person, but 2 and under eat free. We made a reservation for a special Daddy/daughter date. Breakfast pizza with “Bunny Rabbit” (and Daddy) should make for one happy little girl!

(On a related note…the Easter Bunny now has no idea what “Barney Crayons” might be. The bunny looked at the store where Caitlin started asking for “Barney Crayons” and found only a coloring book with a non-Barney purple dinosaur. E.B. is slightly concerned that this might or might not be what Caitlin had in mind!)


Eric & Sandra said...

For Barney crayons, buy 8-8packs and place all the purple ones in one case.

Eric & Sandra said...
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Agate Lake Girl said...

I didn't realize bunnies were in the rodent category?! Are you against all bunnies or just the Easter version? :)

I do remember Caitlin sporting the pink bunny costume ala "The Christmas Story!"

Happy Easter!