Monday, April 23, 2012

Last (Wo)man Standing

1:30am Saturday night/Sunday morning – Sean woke up crying. It had only been a couple of house since the dream feed. Moments later I am standing in my bedroom in the dark covered in baby vomit. Somehow the kid managed to stay in the same PJs himself – though I was not as lucky. I rocked him to sleep.

4:30am Sunday morning – Sean woke up starving. He took some Pedialyte and then nursed.
All Day Sunday – We took turns staying home with Sean. I was waiting for a repeat of the night’s events, but thankfully all was okay. I thought we were out of the woods.

I was wrong.

Monday morning…

3am  – The Irishman rolls over in bed and says he doesn't feel so good.

3:30am – I hear the Irishman in the bathroom. I was a good wife and checked on him. Once he was back in bed I got him water and an ice pack.

3:45am Monday  – I sprayed the entire house in Lysol and changed my pillow cases. I considered sleeping on the couch but decided it wouldn’t make a difference at this point. Stomach bugs scare me. A lot.

5:00am – Sean woke up to nurse. Sleeping thought the night tonight would have been too much to ask. He seems to be back to normal though!

5:38am – My alarm goes off.

5:40am – “Mommy – I poopy”

5:41am – Diaper change confirms suspicions. Another one bites the dust.

5:45am – “Mommy – I still cold.” I add another blanket to the bed and wait until she falls asleep. Plan to take Sean to daycare and go to school leaving Caitlin and the Irishman at home.

5:50am – “Could you get me some water and ice?” It isn’t until I get up the stairs with ice water that I realize he meant water to drink and an ice pack for his head. Oops.

5:51am – Caitlin noticed I was up and decided she should be, too. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse it is…

6:15am – Change in plans. Puking daddy feels weak and light headed and isn’t brave enough to take on poopy daughter by himself. Writing lesson plans.


The plague has hit.

I’m the last man standing.

I REALLY hope it stays that way!

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Michelle said...

You poor thing! Still praying for you and your sickies. Hoping they are feeling better and you have missed this one!