Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter: The Church

After sunrise Mass at the beach, we headed back to our usual parish. The youth group was putting on a breakfast and the Knights of Columbus hold an annual egg hunt. I’m sure it looked to some like we skipped out on Mass and arrived just for the Easter fun, but we know the truth!


After breakfast we had some time to wait before the egg hunt. Little man was happy enough to hang out on a blanket.



I love my guys!



I love this photo. While Daddy was playing with Sean on the blanket, Julie and Caitlin went to pray to Mary. Caitlin had just finished with a dramatic, “AMEN” and thrown her arms up in the air. She even prays in her own unique style!


We lined up for the egg hunt. It was hard to keep Caitlin behind the rope. She could see the eggs and wanted to go get them right away.


There was a bit of a mix-up. I heard them announce the 2-3 year olds were starting so Caitlin and I went in and I was taking pictures of her as she gathered up her eggs. It turns out they were gathering the 2-3 year olds at one spot before beginning their egg hunt. I gave Caitlin a head start and even took pictures! Oops! Mommy fail!


Once we joined the rest of the crown all was good. I felt guilty though and made sure she saved some eggs for the other kids.


The Knights of Columbus put on a great event. It goes in stages by ages. Some of the eggs even have a dollar inside! It looks like Caitlin’s egg hunt finds will be funding our next trip to the carousel.



There was another family who came late and missed the egg hunt all together. We saw them with one egg so we tried to talk Caitlin into giving the little boy one of hers. She said, “MY eggs!” Eventually we told her that we would go to GGB’s house later if she gave the boy an egg. Suddenly she was interested. “This one?” she asked.


By this point we were all tired and headed back home for a nap. I know we wore out Aunt Julie!

We still had more Easter celebrations ahead of us for the afternoon!

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Elaine A. said...

Caitlin looks so pretty and her hair reminds me of my Katie's right now! Our girls are getting so big. :) And your little guy is just so precious too. Happy belated Easter to you all.