Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Train, Some Deer, and the Man in Red

Friday morning we called our friend Lyndsay to see if she and her boys would like to join us on an adventure. With three adults and four kids we loaded our the Tri-Rail train for Bass Pro Shops.


Lyndsay’s twins had been to the outdoor store before to see the fish, so they knew all about this particular photo spot.



Our primary reason for the trip was to see Santa’s Workshop. As soon as we walked in and saw the display at the front of the store we knew it was worth it!


(Though they did enjoy the fish as well!)


The kids had a great time with the trains and cars.


Caitlin found something to add to her Christmas list. She climbed up herself and was thrilled to “ride” it.


The Irishman had wanted to go to Macy’s to mail a letter to Santa, but we hadn’t made it out that way. He was thrilled to see that we could write a letter to Santa here!


When we first lined up for Santa, Caitlin was not impressed. Along the way I mentioned to her that Santa was going to bring her surprises. That was all it took to change her mind!

photo 25

Dylan and Logan did a great job!


This is the first picture of the kids and Santa without an adult. It isn’t perfect, but I considered it to be a success!


We had a lovely time. I’d heard wonderful things about the Santa’s Workshop at Bass Pro Shops and it did not disappoint. Add to that a train ride and you have three very content kiddos!


Agate Lake Girl said...

We never made it out there this year, but we plan to go next year. I missed the free picture. I had to pay $20 at the mall. :(

Michelle said...

Looks like lots of fun and it is a perfect Santa picture of your little ones!