Friday, December 23, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Thursday night we ventured out past dark to visit the 100-foot Christmas tree.  Festive dress was required…


Caitlin has a thing for stars, so she was thrilled to see the top of the mammoth fake evergreen. The tree is visible from a couple of blocks away, so we got to listen to, “Wow!” and “Star!”


Sean slept most of the time.



Caitlin was also pleased to see Mary, Baby Jesus, and the sheep. Poor Joseph didn’t get any attention!


We decided to treat Caitlin to an ice cream cone from the family-run place across the way. The Irishman had to wait while the machine was warming up, so they gave him this huge ice cream cone free of charge for his troubles. It was late in the evening, so thankfully Caitlin lost interest before eating too much ice cream!


The carousel caught her eye right away. She begged to go on the “horsies” but as soon as we bought a ticket and got on she decided she wanted off. Thankfully another father saw what was happening and had his school age son move off the bench for us. She cried for the first couple of trips around and then warmed up to the idea. I wanted to post a sign in front of the screaming toddler saying, “This really was her idea.” I guess we’ve all been there before!


Sean woke up for some family pictures before we headed home.



It was a great end to a fantastic day!

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Michelle said...

What an amazing tree! So very glad to see that it looks like everyone is healthy and happy!