Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breakfast with Santa: More from Sean

Sean is a very laid back kind of baby. We dressed him up for Santa and he was happy to wait his turn to see the man in red.


There were lots of people, balloons, music, and more. Sean was looking around taking it all in!


He is getting so alert!


Of course when you look that cute everyone wants to hold you. He’s learning quick how to be a lady’s man!


All that smiling can really wear a guy out!


Yesterday was my first day back at work. I am going to have a lot to do to play catch up, but I have a nice group of students and I like my class schedule. There are is new administration at the school and they have made a lot of positive changes. It is going to take some time, but I think it will be a great year. (I wanted a stronger adjective there, but it is too early to think yet!)

As for his first day of school, they told me that Sean is a “very happy baby” but then again I knew that already! He isn’t quite as handy at taking his bottles as Caitlin was, but he hasn’t had as much practice. I’m sure he’ll have it down in no time!

Caitlin had a good day for her first day back. She loves school, but I was worried about her going back after being so sick last week. It seems to have all worked out though!

That being said….only three and a half days until Christmas vacation!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

He is one cute little man!