Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Bribe

We took a lot of pictures in just a few days. Caitlin is only two. While she was very good, and she does typically enjoy having her picture taken, during our photo session at Sears the Irishman promised her ice cream after the photos.

We’d talked about going to a fancy ice cream place on the way home, but I saw some kids walk by with a soft serve cone from a fast food place in the food court. I decided that her two year old taste buds wouldn’t know the difference.

I was right.


The only thing Caitlin finds more enjoyable than a $1.50 ice cream cone is eating said cone in front of the fountain. (Or WaWa as she calls it.)


During a trip to the mall with Granda and Nana a while back, our toddler learned about throwing a coin into the fountain. The Irishman took this video of his little girl begging for money.

As Caitlin was walking around the fountain her cone started to melt. I could see that a fall was imminent, so I took action to prevent it. As I took her cone to clean up the drips, Caitlin screamed, “No Mommy! Mine!” The Irishman recognized what I was doing, but he laughed and asked if I knew how it looked to everyone else. Yes, I was the one taking ice cream from a child. You win some, you lose some! Thankfully she quieted down once I returned her drip-free ice cream.

Sean was great – even without an ice cream bribe!


It was a lovely way to end the day!


There was a bribe for day two of the photos as well. Caitlin LOVES her ice cream. This time we’d taken our photographer for lunch, so Caitlin got the kids “build your own sundae” as her reward. Ruth took lots of pictures of Caitlin and her ice cream. You can see them here.

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