Thursday, December 8, 2011

I should be sleeping…

I should be asleep right now, but with the week we’ve had there is no telling when I will have time again to sit down at the computer!

At her two year check up, the doctor found that Caitlin had an ear infection. She hadn’t been complaining about her ears, but she had had a cold/upper respiratory infection/cough a few weeks before, so I didn’t think much of it. Sunday morning she started running a low grade fever and was a bit congested.

By the time she woke up on Monday I decided to make an appointment with the pediatrician. Even though she’d been on an antibiotic since Thursday, her ears looked terrible. (It had only been one ear infected when we were there just a few days earlier.) The doctor was shocked that Caitlin hadn’t been complaining about them bothering her. They gave her an antibiotic injection and scheduled appointments to repeat the shots for three days. Yesterday they added a breathing treatment to the mix.

This morning our little girl woke up a hot mess. Literally. She was running a fever of 102. Her cough sounded terrible. I was glad we had an appointment with the doctor already scheduled.
One ear is improving, but the other is not. Her lungs are gunky even after a second breathing treatment. We left the office today with another oral antibiotic, allergy medicine, and a list of pediatric ENTs. It is her first ever ear infection, but after all the antibiotics the doctor doesn’t think we are seeing the improvement we should. I’m supposed to make an appointment for next week.

Caitlin’ fever has been between around 101 all day. She played and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is a trouper, but she sounds terrible. I tried to give her the antibiotic after lunch and she gagged and spit until she vomited. I tried to hide the medicine in some applesauce, but she took one bite and spit it out. When we gave her the medicine after dinner we had a repeat of lunch. She didn’t eat that much to start with today. I decided to give up and focus on rehydrating.

We go back in the morning to see the doctor again. I’ve already asked for tips on giving her the medicine. The whole gagging until she gets sick thing is not going to work. I’m not sure what else we can do.

On top of it all, I am supposed to go back to work on Monday. We found out last week that the day care does not have a spot for Sean yet. We are next in line, but we are waiting for one of the other kids to start walking so that there will be a spot for him. It isn’t looking good. I won't even mention the fact that I've been ignoring my own sore throat for the last couple of days...

We don’t know yet what we are going to do. It is in my best interest financially to go back before the winter break. I tried to fly my mom in for the week, but she couldn’t get the time off work. We have had a couple of offers from friends who have said they could watch Sean for a day or two. I may go back on the Wednesday instead of the Monday. Now that Caitlin is sick who knows! We will have to work in an ENT appointment as well. At this point we are praying that it all works out!

We have been very fortunate that Caitlin has been a healthy kid. This week has really thrown us. The Irishman posted something on Facebook about how there is nothing worse than watching your child when they are sick. He’s right. (Though I did add that getting puked on while watching a sick child is worse…)

It isn’t a post without pictures. These are from before Thanksgiving, but we have been painting and making salt dough ornaments the last couple of days. We have to find something to keep the cabin fever at bay!


Painting has become one of Caitlin’s favorite activities!


We’ve gone through rolls of freezer paper. I use painter’s tape to hang it on the walls to dry. This is our Christmas wrapping paper!




Please say a prayer for things to work out.

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Michelle said...

I'm sorry I didn't read an comment before, but I have been praying. I'm sorry it was such a miserable week for all of you! I'm glad everything is working out for daycare and school!!! Love the painting pictures, this is also one of Ava's favorite things to do.