Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mc Cutie

Forget McDreamy or McSteamy -


I have my own McCutie!







Caitlin woke up feeling a bit better this morning. The doctor decided not push our luck with the oral antibiotics after the gagging incidents. Instead Caitlin is getting at least two more days of injected antibiotics. The doctor said her ears were less infected and her white cell count is down. We’re hoping she continues to get better!

Our big news is that we found out today that the day care does have a spot for Sean for next week! We were waiting all day for the final word and are thrilled with the news. In a funny way we have been distracted by Caitlin’s illness this week. I have truly had my ‘mommy hat’ on this week and have not even thought about school yet.The Irishman and II both went from joy and relief that our child care is sorted to a kind of melancholy over the fact that I have to go back to work on Monday.  At least there is only a week before the winter break!


Michelle said...

He is SO cute!

Jessi said...

Love his gummy smile. So sweet :)