Monday, December 12, 2011

Breakfast with Santa 2011

Saturday was the annual Breakfast with Santa at the Irishman’s place of employment. We love this event! We actually stopped at the doctor so Caitlin could get another antibiotic shot on the way to see Santa. There was a line, but the doctor saw us right away when she heard that we were on our way to see the man in red. I guess there are a few perks to seeing the pediatrician 6 days in a row!

Sean went first. He decided to wear a penguin suit instead of his Santa gear. He is a pretty easy-going kid and didn’t mind at all visiting with Santa.


We’d talked with Caitlin all morning about going to see Santa, but as we suspected she decided it was much safer if Mommy and Daddy were around.


Looking back


Lynn Santa

Lynn Santa family

I love how our little family is growing!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Love Caitlin's expression!