Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hat Day & Visiting Daddy at Work

Yesterday was Hat Day at Caitlin's school as part of the NAEYC Week of the Young Child. As luck would have it, someone Grandma Laura works with had just bought a few darling hats for our little darling that arrived in the mail the night before. Caitlin will not usually keep at hat on, but they said she wore it all day long.
The Irishman ran a 5K last night with some people from work, so Caitlin and I stopped by on our way home from school to get her goodnight kiss before he left for the race. She sat in his office eating goldfish crackers leftover from Daddy's lunch and watching Elmo while the Irishman finished up one last pile of paperwork.

On the way back to the car she did not want to leave. She wandered all around the campus smiling, giggling, and wearing her hat.

How could I complain about that?

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