Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daddy's Little Garden Helper

Now that the evenings are longer and the weather is warmer we have been spening a lot of time on the patio. Unfortunatly for a very patient Irishman this has led to additions to the "honey do" list. First there was the Cozy Coupe. Then I started looking at our over grown garden box...


Saturday we gave the box some much needed TLC. We figure our downfall has always been keeping things watered so they do not die in the Florida sun. Now that we are outside with Caitlin each afternoon, this shouldn't be a problem. We'll see how it works!

The pint sized gardener was curious about what was going on,

though she wasted no time stepping in to help!

She was Daddy's little helper!

She loved the gloves,

but decided the dirt was much more fun!

Now if we can just convince her not to remove all the soil from the box we'll be in business!

She didn't mind watering the plants,

but she had more fun when we hosed her off with the garden hose. Oh, the giggles!

(You know a good time was had when you have to strip and hose off the toddler before heading back into the house!)

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