Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket, An Elmo Easter Basket

Easter morning starts very early around here. Even though it was pouring rain outside, we all got up and dressed for Sunrise Mass at 6:30am. The Irishman and I decided to wait until the last possible minute to wake Caitlin up. The first two pictures aren’t the best quality, but you can see she was more than a little sleepy!


We met some friends at Mass with a little boy a year older than Caitlin. Johnny was SO excited that he got to get up this morning when it was still dark! If only the rest of us could share his enthusiasm for the early start…


Our little girl was tired, but her face lit up when she saw the goodies that the Easter Bunny had left behind.


Caitlin fell in love with the Elmo basket a few weeks ago at Target. She found it herself and carried it all around the store before we managed to distract her and put it back on the shelf. We were sure to pass the message onto the Easter Bunny about her basket of choice!


And of course Caitlin loves to eat! It did not take her long at all to figure out that there was FOOD inside those eggs.


She *might* have had a breakfast of Honey Bunny Grahams for Easter, but that’s okay!


It was so much fun to see her at this age. She is still so young, but she is starting to figure things out…in and out of the basket….open and close the eggs….bend down and pick them up…not to mention throwing! She is SO impressed with herself each time she makes a new discovery, and it is so much fun to watch her as she does!


It was a lovely start to a very full and happy Easter day!

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