Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sassy on Sunday

Irish Mother's Day sneaks up on my every year. It is hard to miss Mother's Day when you are living in the country where the celebration is happening...but from across the pond? I happened upon a Facebook post from a friend in London that tipped me off. Oops!

The plan was to take a photo for Nana after Mass on Sunday. Caitlin was all dressed up and in position...but she wanted nothing to do with the photo.

She knew she had a Cozy Coupe with a roof so why would she stand around taking photos?

There was sweeping to be done...

That all led to am impromptu trip to the beach

and there is NOTHING wrong with that!


We brought several outfits with us to the beach on Sunday and took a variety of photos for different occations. We had so much fun! I had a free photo credits that expired last night so I ordered our Easter cards. The hard part is going to be not sharing them until after they are mailed and recieved!

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