Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy, Great-Grandma, and Me Monday

To understand the story behind this post you have to know two things 1) For Lent this year I said I would leave school early at least once a week  and do something special with Caitlin. 2) The Irishman HATES hard boiled eggs. They disgust him. He wants nothing to do with the things and the idea of hard boiled eggs in our house? Well, I’m pretty sure he is feeling a bit ill just reading this. Strange but true…
I wanted Caitlin to have an egg dying experience, so it seemed like the perfect solution was to make a date with her Great-Grandma Betty. We had a blast!


Grandma was impressed that Caitlin seemed to know what to do right away.



Knowing that we were not going to take home the eggs, we only dyed half a dozen eggs. Here are our finished products.


I love this photo of Grandpa Boo and Caitlin looking at each other.


After we dyed the eggs, GGB got some sand from her garden. When she was a little girl, they would dye sand with the left over egg dye. They  would leave the sand out to dry and then play with the colored sand. Grandma was disappointed the sand was not the white river sand of her youth, but Caitlin had a BLAST filling the buckets with sand.

When we were finished we dumped out the buckets of sand in the back yard.


Caitlin loved playing with the sand, rocks, and shells. That is one little girl who does not mind getting her hands dirty!


Before heading back into the house, we hosed off Caitlin’s hands and Grandma let her help water the plants. The Irishman looked at these photos when we got home and was amazed that it was Caitlin holding the hose…and it was turned on! She is turning into such a big helper!


Once inside and cleaned up we tried the eggs. Caitlin seems to take after her father when it comes to EATING the eggs, but that’s okay!


She may not like to eat them, but she loved playing with the eggs.  Though she didn’t quite get the “be gentle part” yet...


Her newest thing is to wave, say , “Bye bye!” and blow kisses. It is the cutest thing ever. Add to that a hat made in school and a basket of eggs and my heart just melts!

The Irishman felt bad that we went else where to dye Easter eggs, but I am SO glad we got to share that with my grandparents! It was an afternoon of memories none of us will forget!

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chubskulit said...

Precious quality time with family, looks so much fun!!

Please come and see the Mommy and Me at my page, have a great week!!

Amy said...

How funny is it that my daughter calls her great-grandma 'GGB' too!

Love the pictures of her in the bunny costume on the beach. :)

Janet said...

Hey there! Found you on!

Your pictures look so fun!! :)

Krystyn said...

The eggs sure are cute...but ick, icky ick! I'm totally with the Irishman!