Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy & Me: Hats and Sunshine

This picture is left over from spring break, but it is a dreary and rainy morning, so I needed a little sunshine!

I have SO many great pictures from the weekend...and no time to get them together. That pile of papers I took home this weekend to grade? Still in my bag untouched. My lesson plans for the week ahead? My computer has declared war on Word so I got today's sub plans completed using Google Docs and e-mailed in at, oh, midnight last night?

Sub plans...yeah. I have release time today to work on a few projects I have taken on at school. I have the best assistant principal ever and when I told her I would be late this morning because it was the baby's first day of day care she arranged coverage with no problem. Then, when I came to her with my partner-in-crime on all these projects with concerns that we couldn't find enough time to meet to get things done on top of our normal teaching schedule she managed to get subs for the day so that we can get all our grant paperwork in order. Did I mention the dress Caitlin wore for Easter was a never worn hand-me-down from this same assistant principal's daughter? And no, she doesn't read my blog...

I have almost finished labeling and packing Caitlin's bags for day care. I did end up making homemade chocolate chip cookies for her teachers. We want to make a good impression...and are not afraid to use baked goods to sweeten them up!

We ran all sorts of errands yesterday and I *think* we are organized and ready for everything. I really miss my live-in-Irish nanny my mother-in-law watching the baby. I know they are happy to have her back home though....we can't hog her forever. (Seriously...she stayed in the country as long as is was legally allowed to...) Mr. Mom The Irishman would gladly volunteer to stay home for another week, but sadly that won't work either.

I am sure that Caitlin will do better than we will with the whole day care thing. She is a pretty easy-going baby. Yesterday I went to trim her nails when she grabbed my finger and put it in her mouth. She bit down to announce to us that she got her first tooth. (Timing, huh?) She was really good though...not any more fussy or drool-y or anything. She literally had to show me there was something going on there...let's hope this keeps up!

I have rambled on long enough. Here are the highlights: It is raining. I am up to my eyeballs in alligators. I love my assistant principal. Caitlin starts day care today. Mommy and Daddy are stressing out about it.  Oh yeah, and Caitlin got her first tooth yesterday.

I promise to be a little less melancholy tomorrow!

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Steven said...

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Pass it on...

Alysha (Supermom) said...

too sweet. love the hats :) Happy Monday!

Krystyn said...

Bringing work home to grade is totally overrated. I just don't do it! Bleh!

And, you are looking stunning in your sun hats!

Rana said...

Great photo! I love those baby thighs and cute hats you two

Sierra said...

Oh it is so hard to leave your baby with anyone other than family!! But it will be old hat for her so quickly.
I love her swim suit and little hat - so sweet!