Sunday, April 11, 2010

Berry Sweet

It has been a "Berry Sweet" but very busy weekend! (In case you didn't notice the onesie says Berry Sweet...)

We woke up yesterday to beautiful sunny skies, so we called some friends and decided to take the babies swimming at the pool. By the time we got there it was overcast and chilly. Caitlin and I had fun sitting by the pool watching everyone else play in the water though!

We discovered she has almost outgrown two of her three swimsuits. Living in South Florida, that is not a good thing. We rarely get an excuse to buy her clothes, so part of me is excited about that!

We took advantage of the overcast skies and headed to a local craft fair. I look forward to this every year and it did not disappoint! We found a gift for a friend we had been trying to sort out for a while now. The Irishman had roasted corn on the cob. I had a bag of kettle corn.

Then there was the baby stuff...

We have been on a tight budget, but I put aside a few dollars to let myself buy something here. As luck would have it I found $6 in an old pair of shorts yesterday morning...and then used it to buy a $6 monogrammed bib. I have the picture planned in my to find the time to dress her up and take it!

I also got to visit the the booth belonging to Where the Fairy Tale Begins. I met the owner years ago when her daughter was in my class. She does beautiful work! I seriously cannot say enough about it! She made the ring pillow for my wedding, countless baby gifts for friends of ours, and bags for our mothers.  I bought a beautiful hat yesterday for our big-headed baby girl. It is still a bit large, but the one she has been wearing is almost too small so I am sure she will grow into it soon!

I do not have pictures yet of our goodies because we had to take Caitlin's FIVE month pictures last night after bathtime! Nana says babies thrive after their baptism, and Caitlin most certainly sprouted after hers! I am still editing the pictures and putting together the collages...but there is a big difference again this month!

The transition into her own room went like clockwork. Caitlin has taken to her crib and is sleeping like a champ! It still seems a little odd not to have her next to use, but I am loving each of us having our own space!

So now it is off to the to do list. Tomorrow is Caitlin's first day in day care...and I am sure it will be worse for us than it will be for her! We are missing already missing having a stay-at-home person watching her to get a few chores done during the day. There is so much we need to get done before the week starts and we both head back to work. (Not to mention some cookies to make to butter up her new day care teachers...yes, I plan to be THAT mom!) Please say an extra prayer for us if you don't mind as we make this next transition!
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Agate Lake Girl said...

Rylee has a Strawberry Shortcake book entitle "Berry Sweet Friends" so that's what your title made me think of (she just calls the book "cake"). Anywhoo, adorable as usual!