Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Pastels

As one might imagine, Caitlin has a number of cute pastel dresses. This one previously belonged to one of Caitlin's cousins in Ireland. I love the little embroidered flowers - too cute! Now to decide what to wear for Easter...

The Irishman has taken off the next week and a half. He is looking forward to spending time with Nana and Granda before they head back across the pond next week. He is also looking forward to playing Mr. Mom next week once my spring break is over. It should be a good experience I am sure!

Earlier this week Caitlin and I stopped by the day care she will be going to in a couple of weeks. We got to see her teachers and the room where she will be spending her time. Nana, Granda, and Mr. Mom are all FANTASTIC, but unfortunately not a long term solution. We really like the place we've picked - I have a friend whose daughter is there and she loves it.  It is not my ideal situation, but it is what it is! Side note: I am accepting any day care pointers from those of you with past experience! Labeling? What to send...what not to send...that kind of stuff!

For now though it is supposed to be a beautiful day and we are going to enjoy it! XOXO
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