Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Lamb

These pictures are from, umm, February...

I don't think she would even fit into that outfit now. But the pictures were saved and not yet used....and I have no new pictures to share yet from the weekend, so here you go, Mom!

And yes, I did cut the tag off of the Panda as soon as I took the first picture this month and she tried to eat it...see:

Oh...I guess you can't see the ear in question from there. You'll have to take my word for it!


I called my mom last night with a bit of a challenge for her. Target has stopped selling Caitlin's favorite kind of pacifier. Now she thankfully does not take a pacifier at night, but she does use it to settle for naps. If it was just me I would not be too worried...I'd just let her get used to another kind, but my guilt with the day care situation wins out. (That and she has learned to pull it in and out of her mouth....a VERY handy trick for her to have when we are in the car and I cannot reach to put it back in her mouth) So my mom is looking for me to see if she can find any...but I did find out last night that I can order them online which is a relief!


Speaking of day care we made it through our first week! It wasn't easy. The Irishman sent me a text on Wednesday that the baby looked sad when he dropped her off. My heart broke. She was screaming when I picked her up on both Tuesday and Wednesday...but both times she was on the changing table. It seems she does not at all like their changing table or washing her hands afterwards.

Thursday was better....she was in the "Cozy Corner" happy as a clam to kick her feet and enjoy life. (It is a little area of blankets with books and such. Caitlin enjoys being on the floor and moving around though, so I am not surprised!)

Friday was the best. Maria had her in her arms in the rocking chair and was singing to her. She said it had been a very good day. Morgan said it was a good drop off that morning, too. I hope this is the begining of a new trend...

We sent in homemade chocolate chip cookies last Monday. I am thinking this week I will dust off the bread machine and try to have fresh warm bread for them. These are important people to keep happy!


Thursday morning I woke up in the middle of a dream that I was scrubbing the floor. I woke up disappointed...because it meant that the floor still needed to be done! Sad, huh?

Caitlin has started creeping and moving around so we are changing our living room arrangement. The coffee table in the living room is going to become our make-shift changing table downstairs to make more room for a wiggling baby in the middle of the floor.

The sad part? I am looking forward to cleaning the floors, the foam tiles, and setting it all up. Apparently enough to have dreams about it at night...


I had morning duty at work this week. More accurately I was late for morning duty this week. I thought I would make it on time yesterday....then I washed my hair. I had decided hair washing was not necessary and would save time, but I forgot until I was mid-suds. Oops!

Then as I stepped out of the shower the Irishman came into the bathroom holding Caitlin out at an arms' length. A poopy an arms' length! The diaper had fallen and he didn't want to put the poopy baby down on the clean I helped him out.

I was late for morning duty again, but at least I had a few excuses...and I took a mental snapshot of Morgan with Caitlin that made me smile for the rest of the day!

(Sidenote...he is really good with the baby and even changing diapers. It was more concern over not making a mess before work!)


And the last bit of randomness for you...

Yesterday evening when Caitlin and I got home it was raining. She was sound asleep in the car seat and I have a book on CD I listen to in the car, so we stayed in the car and waited for the rain to stop. After about 15 minutes or so the Irishman pulled in to the spot next to us and nearly had a heart attack. He didn't expect to see me in the car. Then, because it was raining, he used his bluetooth to call my cell we sat in parked cars next to each other talking on our cell phones. It was quite a sight to see!

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Brittany Ann said...

I just realized as I looked at these photos that she distinctly has your eyes! She is just beautiful, my friend:)

Agate Lake Girl said...

I've spent some time sitting in my driveway to extend car naps. I used to leave a book in there for just such occasions.