Thursday, April 8, 2010


We are two night into "Operation Transition Caitlin into her Own Room." I probably would have gone cold turkey...but someone wasn't ready for that. (I love him for that, too!) Night one we moved the Pack-n-Play into the nursery and we slept on the beds in the same room. Last night we put Caitlin in the crib and we slept in the same room. I am confident she didn't even know we were there, though. Hopefully tonight we can complete things and actually sleep in our own bedroom...wish us luck!

Everyone has made a big deal about this. On Facebook I got comments like, "It is harder on you than it is on her." Confession? I have been looking forward to this. I love the little girl to bits...don't get me wrong, but I want my room back. I also want her to enjoy the nursery we decorated for her. I LOVE the fact that I can now shower in the morning and get dressed for work without Mission Impossible-style maneuvers in order not to wake a sleeping baby.


Caitlin has continued her fascination with her feet. Those are indeed her toes in her mouth!

I am pretty sure she rolled from her tummy to her back yesterday...when I wasn't looking. (Gee, I'm going for Mom of the Year with this post, huh?) She has been rolling from back to tummy a lot, but not the other way yet. She was on her tummy though and I looked away only to find her on her back again.

She is getting SO much stronger and wants to sit up on her own...but not yet. It isn't stopping her from trying though!


Welcome to the Mr. Mom photo shoot:

I thought it was so cute...he LOVES the Liverpool kit that Aunt Chris sent Caitlin and has wanted to dress her in it from the day she was born. Even if the shorts are so big they look like pants and fall off when you pick her up He was so proud of himself for taking these pictures! We have since had a lesson on how to put on a headband though...

And this is just a random girlie picture from last week...

because I feel like it!
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Heather said...

I love the last picture!

Julie Elizabeth said...

Hehehe, she looks like she's getting ready for a workout, the way she's wearing the headband!

Give her lots of hugs from her aunt julie!

sheri said...

I can only imagine how hard it must be to have to leave that little one each morning. HOWEVER. . . you are one very blessed woman (and I think you know it) to have a husband who not only 1.) takes on baby duty for a full WEEK but 2.) takes the time to dress your child in a coordinating outfit AND but on a headband AND take pics. I so enjoy reading your blogs - you obviously truly cherish every moment. Keep making me smile!!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I love the shots when they're all scrunched up and pulling on their toes.