Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last weekend I picked the Irishman up from work and dragged him to the local U-Pick Strawberry patch.

This particular place uses hydroponics.

(Side note: Does anyone from Houston remember the old Fiesta commercials? They used to sing, "Hydroponics at Fiesta." I think of it every time I hear the word. We actually went to the store a few times to see the veggies growing...but that was a long time ago...and is not really what I am writing about today!)

Anyway, they have rows and rows of berries. You grab a bucket and scissors and pick all you can afford want!

The Irishman does not care much for strawberries, but he posed for a few pictures picked a few for me.

I We picked about a pound and a half. I love Florida strawberries!

I also discovered they have green beans, so I picked some of those as well. I LOVE fresh green beans with Italian dressing. Yum!

Now if I could just talk him into going back...


MN Mom said...

Where is it located? Looked fun! Maybe I will google it.
Was it hot?

christel said...

Look at those strawberries, yum. I'm hoping that this year I can take the kid to a place like this. She loves strawberries and would love it if she could pick them herself.

Shannon said...

That's a Houston reference I don't know...sorry! :)

Now I'm hungry for strawberries...