Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Blame the NyQuil

In order to fully appreciate the following story, you need a little background information:

1) I caught a cold from my students. The AC at school as been broken for the last two days. Translated: I left school yesterday feeling miserable and dreaming of NyQuil and an early night.

2) We use the TV in our bedroom as an alarm clock. The news comes on a 5am to wake me up. I watch the weather and then get up.

3) The Irishman does not know how to set the alarm on the TV. I've thought about teaching him to do it, but I figure he'd just forget to do it anyway then we would have to worry about which one of us set the alarm.

4) I did indeed take the aforementioned NyQuil and went to bed early last night. The Irishman was working on a proposal and I have no idea what time he came to bed. I was out by then.

5) The clock in our bedroom is one of those great clocks that automatically sets itself. We love it, but one of the little sections of the digital numbers is broken. As a result we have no way of knowing if the last digit in the time is a 1 or a 7. (Well okay I'll confess...the Irishman and I have both been known to stare at the clock until it changes to know the difference)

SO...I'm starting to think that this story sounded more interesting to a stuffy me under the influence of cold medicine the TV came on this morning and I was exhausted. I was trying to stay awake for the weather. I saw the first part of the weather and then dosed so I decided to stay in bed until the weather came on again. (Not that I would ever do that two times in a morning!)

Rafa saw that I was sort of awake and sat on my chest demanding attention. That helped me stay away for another part of the weather report. I was SO tired that I could not stay awake. I was getting worried that I would oversleep.

My half-awake, somewhat troubled eyes looked at the clock and saw 1:26. I somehow convinced myself in my very sleepy and NyQuil induced state that it was the FIRST number on the clock that was broken. That would make it 7:26. I am supposed to be at work at 7:30.

From here I had an entire conversation in my very sleepy and NyQuil-filled head...it is still pretty dark out...but it was raining when I went to bed...I am feeling warm - blanket must go...the Irishman doesn't seem bothered by the time...surely he would get up...he could sleep on rocks though, nothing would bother him...but the morning news is on...did they just say news at 11?...I thought it was 1?...

At this point I decided to check the cell phone. Sure enough it was 1:28. In the morning. I was watching the 1AM replay of the 10pm news.

The remote was under my pillow and the Irishman figured I'd set the sleep timer so it would go off. I was in a NyQuil coma deep sleep so I did not even notice the TV was on until then.

Regardless, in my very sleepy and NyQuil induced state I was thrilled to get to go back to bed. And for the record...the Irishman slept through the whole thing.

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MN Mom said...

Once when my John and I were dating I stayed with him at college. I looked at the clock and thought we'd over slept, I screamed "get up your late for class" he ran and jumped into the shower when he came back he looked at the clock and said, "it's not 6:20 it's 4:30!" He jumped back into bed and said..."don't ever do that again!"
We laugh about it to this day. He took his sleep very seriously in those days! haha