Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Tuesday!

While my grandmother celebrated Mardi Gras tonight, it was PANCAKE TUESDAY at our house. We celebrated the last day before Lent begins with pancakes for dinner the Irish way!Meet the cook. 'Tis Himself! The picture is a little dark, but isn't he handsome? I think the glasses make him look a little like Rob Lowe. The West Wing fan in the picture is impressed with that!

He called his mother again this year to get the recipe. Irish pancakes are not like American pancakes. They are a bit more like crepes. Our Irish neighbor and friend Lyndsay came over to enjoy the pancakes with with lemon juice and sugar.
The video shows the best part of Pancake Tuesday...

Did you catch the flip? It has been 5 years (I think) and he hasn't dropped one yet.

Happy Pancake Tuesday
from the Irishman!


newlyweds said...

Love Pancake Tuesday! Your hubby is too cute and I am so impressed with the flipping! Great job!

Shannon said...

I want an invite to pancake Tuesday next year!

P.S. I doubt Rob Lowe can flip pancakes so that's one to Morgan. :)